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Tank Trouble 4

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unnamedWelcome to our website where you can play the most fresh version of the popular tanks game – Tank Trouble 4. For those who think that this game has absolutely different graphics and new gameplay – I am sorry but this is not true. It is just the most recent version with all bugfixes and a bit upgraded graphics.You will also notice performance and speed improvements that make Tank Trouble 4 addictive and interesting. The idea of the game is the same – kill enemy and win the battle.

Tank Trouble 4 offers you several game modes:
1. Single Player - Here you can play against computer - a skillful player called Laika.
2. Multiplayer - in this mode you can play with your friend. Both players play from the same keyboard.
3. 3 Players - In this mode you can play with 2 friends, total 3 players from the same keyboard.

Tank Trouble 4 is totally free and you can play it at our website whenever you want. There are several tips that will make your gaming experience in the game much better. For example, if you notice some icons on the stage, try getting it because your tank will gain more powerful weapons. Try hinding in the corners if your opponent made a shot. Only the smartest player can win in Tank Trouble 4.

Game Controls

Player 1: <E><S><D><F> - control tank, <Q> - shoot
Player 2: <ARROWS> - control tank , <M> - shoot
Player 3: <MOUSE> - control tank, <CLICK> to shoot

Hope that you will spend great time playing the Tank Trouble 4 at our website.